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Poly-v-belts have a flat outer surface and lengthway v-protrusions on the inner side. Such a construction makes it possible to use them under very hard conditions, in driving mechanisms of a large transmission ratio, under very high rotations or very small diameters of pulleys. They combine remarkable flexibility of flat belts with a still better power transmission than that of a v-belt which ensures high productivity of equipment

Globelt belt cross section 3PK; 4PK; 5PK; 6PK; 7PK; 8PK; 10PK.

Globelt belts advantages

— long durability
— noise and vibration low level
— high oil-resistance
— high power transmission is possible
— high belt speed operation is possible
— operational temperature range – 45 С to + 80 С.

— inserting the belt please make sure to follow closely the producer's instructions
— regularly provide service to the vehicle
— never insert a secondhand belt
— wrong storage and transportation can harm a belt
— reliable operation of the belt depends on the setup tension