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Wrapped V-belt (plain) is highly recognized in automotive industry and engine-building during its long years of existence at the market. V-belts production technology has been brought to perfection. All the layers of the belt consist of rubber mixtures of optimal characteristics and specific cord fabric. The power transmitting working element is protected with several layers of wrapping material. The curved profile of the non-working surface of the belt provides an additional transverse rigidity.

Globelt belt cross section 8,5; 11; 14; 21

— driving systems of industrial mechanisms units
— motor-cars driving systems
— tractors and combines driving systems

Globelt belts advantages
— price-quality optimal ratio
— enforced transverse rigidity
— cord layer bends and deformities absence
— high oil-resistance
— durability

— inserting the belt please make sure to follow closely the producer's instructions
— regularly provide service to the vehicle
— never insert a secondhand belt
— wrong storage and transportation can harm a belt
— reliable operation of the belt depends on the setup tension