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Timing belt

A Timing belt makes one of the most important parts of the engine. Reliable, trouble-free and efficient operation of the engine to depends a very great extent on quality and security of timing belt. The principle used in a scalloped belt for synchronizing engine operation and power transmission is that of interlocking of a tooth of the belt and a tooth of a pulley.

Since stretching of such belts is not accepted, as stretching results in changing of spacing of the belt, thus changing interlocking of the belt and the pulley, the construction of the belt uses high quality and extremely badly expansible cord lying between layers of a rubber mixture. The cord is securely supported with an outer layer and a base of the belt. Underlying transverse layers of cord fabric significantly enforce a transverse rigidity of the belt. The scallops are covered with rubber-like synthetic elastic fabric providing wearability. Rubbers based on chloroprene or polyurethane are used for production of the belts.

Globelt belts advantages
— higher power transmission
— excellent adaptivity in the course of movement
— enforced transverse rigidity
— soft riding even at a high speed
— wear- and slipping resistance
— long durability

— inserting the belt please make sure to follow closely the producer's instructions
— regularly provide service to the vehicle
— never insert a secondhand belt
— wrong storage and transportation can harm a belt
— reliable operation of the belt depends on the setup tension