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V-belts (AVX)

Globelt v-belts with open profile sides AVX, thanks to scalloped surface, are compared favorably with an increased flexibility and correct position of pulleys in the grooves. AVX profile belts are used in modern driving auxiliary equipment in the engines of trucks, commercial and light vehicles (generators, pumps, compressors, fan and heating systems and so on).
AVX profile belts are used in new constructions of motor-cars driving systems to increase transmitted power. The belts are produces with permanent length tolerance and can be installed on driving systems without any extra belt selection control. After break-in period, V-belts with open profile sides AVX work with a constant friction coefficient, are notable for high thermal stability and oil resistance together with optimal antistatic properties.

Specific rubber mixtures used withstand increased pressure and high temperatures under non-standard conditions of operation. A scalloped surface provides the belt with a better flexibility, optimal fit with the pulleys' grooves and a reduced temperature during operation which increases performance life of the belt and decreases its replacement and maintenance expenses.

Globelt belt cross section – AVX 8,5; AVX 10; AVX 11; AVX 12,5; AVX 13; AVX 14; AVX 16; AVX 21

Globelt belts advantages
— Long and trouble-free operation life
— Considerable noise level reduction
— Smooth operation and steady efficiency
— Belt tension minimal losses
— Environmental friendliness (no Cl content in the belt material).

— inserting the belt please make sure to follow closely the producer's instructions
— regularly provide service to the vehicle
— never insert a secondhand belt
— wrong storage and transportation can harm a belt
— reliable operation of the belt depends on the setup tension