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HANSE Group s.r.o. company with a head office in Prague, Czech Republic, provides high productivity belts for the aftermarket. The production is placed in area of the European branch concern. HANSE Group engineers create up-to-date belts components as well as a wide range of belts for synchronizing camshafts, additional equipment, various driven systems for mechanisms and industrial units.
Up-to-date approach to engineering and technical tasks makes it possible to find proper solutions, when designing and producing belts.

Globelt is an all-enveloping approach to belts. Bushes, pulleys, ties are an integral part of a drive system along with the belt.
Partnership relations with buyers, a high level of technological discipline are determinative factors for a successful development of the "Global Belt" project which fully complies with the demands:

- price affordability
- 100% reliability

— V-belts
— Poly-V-belts
— Timing belts
— Bushes, pulleys, ties
— Belt strand tension gages